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Jul 11, 2011 5:00pm EDT
cool off a little bit. the weather is triggering a big line of thunderstorms approaching western maryland. this is associated with a cluster and as you can see, is tracking south-southeast. it is possible the main batch of storms will drops out and head into west virginia and avoid our region. it looks like we will be on the eastern french -- eastern fringe. probably will i get here until tomorrow evening. we will talk about heat relief in your seven-day forecast coming up. >> pull off a band-aid quickly. president obama urged lawmakers to just do it. he said it agreed to a deal to extend the debt ceiling and bought to default. republicans say no. >> with three weeks ago, president obama said a compromise to avoid a federal default is being blocked by republicans. >> i do not see a path to a deal of they don't budge. >> as talks today began, republicans would not budge on taxes. the speaker has learned a lesson. one key party freshmen will vote no on a tax hike. >> i believe we have a debt crisis not a debt ceiling vote crisis. >> it tax rate stood not rise -- >> the american peo
Jul 12, 2011 5:00pm EDT
, but by the late 80's big changes in car manufacturing made them much cleaner. >> we have better engines, better metals, and we do not get begin cameron -- the contaminants in oil like we used to. >> the theory that it needs to be changed because it wears out is wrong. the oil itself never wears out. some companies are introducing we refined oil. it is cleaned and additives are added back in. if it is a reputable company, they are probably using it. do you get what you pay for? yes, because more expensive oil has a better additive package, allowing the oil to last longer. >> all of the oil manufacturers have to meet a standard for oil. they can meet a minimum standard, or if the oil is more expensive, they can increase the additive package. that is the most expensive part of the oil is the additive package. >> tucked inside the lab in wichita, chemists work the janette -- diligently, constantly keeping up with new and tougher regulations by the american petroleum institute. >> there are numerous additives that are put into the oil. those include detergents. those include anti-wear additives, ant
Jul 29, 2011 5:00pm EDT
, automakers called higher fuel efficiency of impossible. after a bailout and some pressure, the big three agreed to the u-turn. >> i think that is a beautiful thing. this is a good truck, but it is terrible and gas. it is killing me. >> the administration did agree on a midterm review before final implementation to make sure the new standards are feasible for everyone. >> a study by harvard school of government shows a hybrid and electric vehicles cost more over a lifetime than gas-powered ones. experts believe the cost of gas will be at $4.50 a gallon. speaking of cars, here are some common sense tips to keep your gas costs down. independent gas stations, they are typically cheaper. pay with cash at gas stations that offer a discount for cash. amazon has reached a licensee -- licensing agreement with nbc and universal. this is the second deal that amazon has made in about a week's time. an agreement with cbs gives amazons network shows. no doubt you have seen more and more of these little symbols and magazines, on television's. the know what they can do for you? they are called quick res
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3